Hold the front page! My new Worst Movie Ever

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by Juzminator, Sep 25, 2001.

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    My God, I have just had the misfortune of seeing the most godawful excuse for a movie (on Sky Premier)....ever!!!

    It's not a new film (1985), and the cast is actually very impressive:

    Liam Neeson, Candice Bergen, Dyan Cannon, Malcolm McDowell, Rupert Everett, Michael Gough and Edward Woodward.

    Its name?

    <br />*gag* "Merlin and the Sword" *retch*

    It's also known as "Arthur the King".

    Honest to God, I have never seen such bad acting, poor scriptwriting, special effects...in fact, almost everything was bad about this cack.

    Sorry if you've all seen this thing years ago and have since tried to erase it from your memory....but, Blimey Charlie it was pants.

    Once again....sorry if I have re-opened old wounds <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

    <br />Edit: If you don't believe me, set your video for 3.10pm Friday 28th September on Sky Premier 2 for conclusive proof of this film's pant-tastic crumminess.

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