Hockeys Barn conversion, another Floating wall :-)


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We've been renovating a barn since feb and thought I'd post a couple of pics up.
I dont aim to go crazy on my tv set-up but wanted something decent without going into thousands :)

Anyways, I went out and bought a samsung 52 inch lcd and a panasonic blue-ray system (3:1 so there are no rear speakers, but we can add wireless ones later) also got the xbox to add onto that and maybe a media pc later in the proceedings :)

Kit Edit:
Samsung lE52a557p2fxxu
Panasonic SC-BT100EB-K

We're having a living/dining room on the upper level, heres a few pics of the room and how its progressed, the tv will be mounted on guessed it....."groove's floating wall". I know quite few members have done this and I have wanted to do it since the start of the build, thanks for the inspiration :smashin:

This was after we removed the high level ceilings ready to split the full height into two, we decided on and upstairs downstairs approach so we could have the beams exposed in the living space :thumbsup:


We opened up new windows, one of which was a decent sized arched window mirroring the one next to it


next came the start a rather large hole into which our kitchen will flow into the living area


later the hole grew into something larger


Up went the blockwork, on went the insulation and plasterboards



and yesterday I started the framework for the tv wall :)
Im using the rope lighting and adding spot lighting within the old floor joist holes (all dimmable), hopefully this will look pretty cool and pick out the natural stonework nicely :smashin:


I'll update as I take more pics, have done other bits but not got pics yet. Any comments welcome.........I think lol
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Update : 4th June 2009

We now have glass in the windows, first coat of paint is on and the kitchen fitter is here :thumbsup:
(* disclaimer:pics taken on the iphone so not brilliant lol)

Windows going in:


Starters for the TV wall and old arched window to be retained:


A pano of the living area and start of kitchen from staircase, cant believe how good the beams are for approx 150 years!:


more kitchen shots, should be in by friday :)



A look back the other way, will be nice once all cleared :)


and finally a shot from outside (mucho work to do here!)



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looking forward to this thread.

I have seen lots of barn convertions on the diy house tv shows and i really like the outcome of them, lots of open space inside and everything is new.

Good luck :)


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looks good so far, will be keeping a close eye on this thread! :thumbsup:


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Looks like its gonna turn out to be great! :smashin:

Ive not long finished doing up my first house (link in sig) and already I cant wait to get started on the next one! If you dont mind me asking, what sort of price range would a barn of that kind of size fall into?

norty mart

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Lovely space...duno about bikes in the garage though, but you could defo do with a 916 in the main living area ;)

Kept both of mine in the dining room (not together I hasten to add!) cos the 'busa took up the workshop...comments of admiration from blokes and raised eyebrows from women. :rotfl:

Have to echo everybody else...great looking project!


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Prices vary from area to area and with differing owners, each person has thier estimated value on what they own.
There are a few sites out there such as Barns For Sale Yorkshire that sometimes have possible conversions and rightmove etc.
I bought ours without planning permision as I do this for a living, that said it still took me a year to obtain it!
But if you know someone who can get you through the planning and building regulations etc you stand a better chance of a discount on the initial price of the barn, just adds more work before you can start!
But in my opinion you get the home YOU want, not a compromise restricted by previous owners :thumbsup:

As for a ducati on the wall......would be cool but the mrs has already vitoed this, as we watched the grand designs guy :

norty mart

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As for a ducati on the wall......would be cool but the mrs has already vitoed this, as we watched the grand designs guy :

ooo no, not on the wall...they're made for riding!


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Some pics as promised :)

Battening going on for plasterboarding in the hall


The worktops are now fitted in the kitchen, the pics are from the iphone and its dropping dark so they do them NO JUSTICE :mad: but they look fricken AMAZING in the flesh :thumbsup: (Emerald pearl granite if anyone would like to know)



will get more pics as work progresses :)


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well, garage floors has gone down this week :smashin: Dont know whether I left enough room for the bike though lol


and the lights have gone in downstairs and we have power! :cool: almost feels like we're getting somewhere now lol.

Lights are almost all fitted upstairs so no pics or power up there yet

Handrail is still to go on the stairs, once flooring goes on. Pipes along the floor are for radiators in case anyones wondering :)



one of our little features, we left the original stone opening within the house, which now forms entrance to bedrooms :)


thats it for today :)

M.D. Klapwijk

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I need an garage like that! My storage in the complex' garage is allready full with my girlfriends CBR600RR'07 and my tank (CBR894'92)...


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Worked into the dark last night battening/insulating a ceiling ready to be plastered this morning :boring::boring::boring:

but on the + side we got lights upstairs now as well :) Direction needs sorting on all of them to get the right spread but I'll do that later




BTW we want to start getting the floor down before getting onto the floating wall so we get the right height, it will get there, eventually, promise lol

And once its done I'll get the DSLR out instead of the iphone for clearer pics ;)

norty mart

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My god, if my misses sees this I'm done for...really nice mate, love contrast of clean lines against the exposed stonework...hope you're leaving it like that.

How long(ish) before it's ready to move in?
...that's when I'd get distracted by the bike shed and those last few jobs would never get finished :devil:

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