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HMV are doing Sopranos Series 1 & 2 Box Sets for £39.99
Managed to buy Series 2 from HMV Aberdeen but they refused to source me Series 1 at the reduced price - went onto the web and ordered via hmv.co.uk

Arrived yesterday but they have sent me the Series 3 Box Set.
Very good I hear you thinking Series 3 Box Set for £39.99 but the problem is I have already got Series 3 from play.com for £44.99
HMV literature claims it wil refund postage for returning their errors but what if they can't get a hold of a £39.99 Series 1 - I return the goods and lose out all ways!!!

Any suggestions on how to play this one?
All I ever wanted was Sopranos Series 1 Box Set - Arrrggghhh!



send it back as you have bought the series 1 they have to send it to you at the same price

my local HMV had loads of them the other day so stock will not be a problem

personally if you have a multiregion i would get a refund and buy the R1 from wow as it DD5.1
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