HMV sale time again.

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by LicensedTaximan, Sep 24, 2004.

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    Just to let you all know HMV is starting another "Biggest Ever Sale" again. It starts next Monday on the 27th Sept. One of the titles on offer which is printed on their window poster is School Of Rock at £9:99, so they might have some newish special offers this time apart from the usual dross. :) Also some ba****ds broke into my garage today and stole a few diy tools, some were new. They of course broke the garage door lock so it's the police and then an insurance claim. Whether i'll need a new garage door, or possibly a new lock can be fitted to it remains to be seen. Life is full of surprises, at least my family is ok and the house is untouched....but it's still not very nice.This is our first, and hopefully our last burgulary. :mad:

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