HMV Limited Edition Japanese Steelbooks - are they actually limited....?


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Hi, these were released many months ago and can see they are still available - are they actually limited? Or are HMV feeding us bull. I'm surprised to see cult limited edition steelbooks still available, some after nearly a year.



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Well, all steelbooks are limited. They only print so many. To what extent varies. These aren't very popular though, so them being in stock is no surprise. HMV exclusives often sell poorly compared to other retailers, particularly because they only ship within the UK.

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Some of the really popular "limited editions" have had additional print runs. I think it only means something when it is one of the premium/custom steelbook retailers.


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Well yes, it's total marketing ploy, always has been. You're paying more for something under the understanding that it won't be available for ever in the particular configuration in which it's advertised. Which is true to some extent, we're not talking about standard amarays. How much anyone buys into quantities available is another thing entirely.


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In my view, limited doesn’t mean a thing unless it’s numbered. This is why I now stick to overseas premiums for specific titles only. On that basis, I’ve not bought a steelbook for at least six months now.


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Why does numbering make a difference to the "fear of missing out" marketing? If 5,000 units are printed, numbered or otherwise, and 1,000 units are purchased, still left with 4,000 excess supply

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