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Hi all,

I have a JVC HD1 projector (1080p) just waiting to be fed HD. I'd been considering an HTPC so I can add / change HD formats as they develop.

... BUT, I can't wait for that war to be won and there's a possibility that my Meridian player may have an HD upgrade option in the future.

In the meantime, I've decided to go for a PS3 and have a play with Bluray but can't decide on whether to go US, UK or Jap.

I'm not so bothered about gaming, although Motorstorm looks pretty cool, and I understand that the games are region free. My main focus is movies. Looking at and, there seems to be far more Blueray releases in the US and checing out movie reviews here, it seems that US releases typically have a superior mastering a attention to detail.

I don't mind what the PS3 costs if I import, as long as it's no more than the UK.

Should I stick with a UK model and *hope* that the library picks up over the coming months; or go for a US model and be stuck with Region A only movies?

What are the benefits of going with a Japanese model?

Also, what are the murmours in the underground? Is it likely that a PS3 will have a patch available (whether through Linux or otherwise) to playback any region, including SD material in its native resolution?

It's so tempting to just go out to Blockbuster today and buy one...

Thanks for any advice...



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If you're going to watch a lot of Blu-ray movies maybe a US PS3 is best. Not all Blu-ray films are region locked (this is a good site to see regions of Blu-ray films). But the US will get many sooner than us. As for games, if you do want any, as far as I know they are region free.

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