hmm panny 32ph40 discontinued ??


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Well i decided to buy a new tv with prog scan the other day and was looking at the toshiba or the panasonic, but this is not my home theatre room this is just for playing a few games and watching the footy, and daytime viewing when at home, but if i am to upgrade wanted to have prog scan.

origianlly looked at the tosh because i have owned a couple in the past and know the service menu pretty well so can get a pic that is pretty accurate without too much trouble.
But the stand it comes with i thought was a perforated grille and i would be able to put a speaker behind it (only off a small pioneer dvd/amp all in one thingy) but it is a glass panel.

so i looked at the panny PH40 , got the lad to open one as they didn't have one out in the shop becase i have read on here that there is bad moire effects on this set , and tried it with proggressive inputs, s-video and RGB.

looked ok to me after messing about with the settings, and i am a fussy sod !! ;)

this set was at £1275 (on the high street so ok) last night but this morning it was down to just under a grand as it is an old model ??

Is this right ??

I dont mind buying this if it is an old model , specially if i can save a few quid, but does any one know what is replacing it ??

is there going to be another set with similar looks, or is it going to be another square boring looking thing ???

any comments would be appreciated.


Where exactly did you see it for a grand ??? could be a bargain if it is.
Phone Panasonic to find out whether it is being upgraded or not.


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well i went in today after work and they had 3 left ,in bennets Norwich (also online) a store that i have never bought anything from before but a friend works there so if i had a problem i could return.

it wasn't just under a grand actually it was £1043 but i asked if that was the best that they could do and they gave me a further 6% discount and 12 months interest free ,£980 so i bought it.

I called panasonic yesterday to ask if it would take any proggressive signal and they said there shouldnt be a problem as long as it wasnt really old stock. friend said that they had ordered them for this promotion just came in so will have to try it.

Oh and there are not discontinued they are using the discontinued store code as discount percentage.

first impressions - not bad , changed from a philips silver shadow, and to be honest i didnt have a problem with the pic on that just fancied a change.
I still like the philips tubes that were not completely flat, and loved the design of it too.
will have a play about with it over the weekend and try and test pal progressive on it.


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If you have any R1 DVDs, could you check if you got moiré when playing them? Moiré appears as a pattern of lines on areas of uniform colour.

Also, how's the geometry?



Mine has no moire but the geom needs some attention.
OK on DVD's but a bit out off air and through my DTV box.
Anyone know if I can get in to service menu to fix this and if so how do I get in ???

Thanks in advance

PS I think you got a bargain there :D


Forgot to ask, where online ?????
Might be able to do the old I seen it cheaper thing ;)


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no moire problems that i can see ???

just run avia and the geometry is spot on in 16:9 mode won't bother checking any other mode as i will be tempted to start playing about with it if i do.

the colour is pretty good on this set after using avia and sharpness needs to be one notch from the bottom as most sets i have had.

got to say I am pretty pleased with it so far.

the only ting i dont get is the ratios on this tv, well i get them i just dont know if i like them, in auto I wish they would loose a bit more of the pic top and bottom so it asn't quite so squashed.

do a search for service menu access it is on here.

Here's a copy and paste I found from another thread. A quick tip, REMEMBER TO WRITE ALL YOUR CURRENT SETTINGS DOWN FIRST BEFORE YOU CHANGE ANYTHING. Excuse the capital letters, just thought they would stand out more.

First here are the service menu details for others who may find them useful:

Go into the Sound menu
Set Volume to Minimum
Set Bass to Maximum
Set Treble to Minimum
Press Reveal (on the remote) and Down (on the TV) at the same time

coloured fastext buttons on the remote navigate left to right they are: back/forward/adjust up/adjust down : last two might be reversed but you get the idea.

"STR" saves new value: if you modify a setting and don't press this then the value will go back to its previous value when you move out of it.

"N" gets you out of the service menu.

settings are :

H-pos (horizontal position)
V-pos (vertical position)
H-amp (horizontal amplitude)
V-amp (vertical amplitude)
EW-amp1(EW-amplitude coarse pincushion looks like)
EW-amp2(EW-amplitude finer/corners looks like)
Trapez1(Trapezium comp_ suck it and see!)
Trapez2(finer of the above suck it and see!)
V-lin (vertical linearity)
V-sym (vertical symmetry used with above to sort... vertical linearity !)


Thanks Herbie but this does not seem to work on my set when I press reveal and the down key nothing happens. The reveal key is the red one according to the manual !!!
Anyone know why this dont work ????


The way that I normally do it is, put the TV into AV1 or AV2 first, bass to max, treble to min, press and hold the down button on the TV set (behind the flap), and then press the index key on the remote. I don't know if your remote is similar to mine as I've got a PL10. Try this anyway, if it doesn't work, then I'm afraid I can't help you any further.


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remember to leave the sound settings on screen then press the key marked "index" on the remote along with down on the telly. this works on my ph40... i havent been brave enough to try any adjustments though.. hope this helps:)

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