HMDI over Cat 5E module


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Hello all.
New to this forum as I am having an issue and hope somebody could provide with some guidance.

I am installing hidden HDMI behind a TV and below a unit with wall plates to plug into for the services.

I have two of these HDMI modules and due to the thickness of the wall have run the cable in CAT5e I installed 3 no cables as each cable has 4 pairings and need 20 individual cables for the module. I have connected all 20 cables to each module, check they are all tight, even done a continuity test on each connection and all good. However when I plug in the hdmi cable the TV changes, searches and then errors with check your connection.

As I mentioned all connections have been used and tested. Scratching my head with this as in theory all I have done is extend module to module.
If any person could assist that would be greatly appreciated.



Joe Fernand

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Guidance - ditch the punch down module as a very bad idea and replan your connectivity.

Which TV do you have ?

Do you have an AVR or Soundbar in the system?

Which Source devices do you have?



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I’ve not known any of those type of rewirable modules to ever work successfully, even over very short distances, let alone when you substitute Cat5e in place of the original cable. Do you even know if you have maintained the correct twisted pair pin-out for the HDMI connections?

What distance is the cable run and are you expecting to have full 4k performance?

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