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Hi All,
Bit of an odd one this. I'm getting my house redecorated, and the builder has put conduit in the walls to run HDMI cables, but it's too narrow for the (old) HMDI cables I already have. I found these on Amazon:

Amazon product
But 2m is just a little too short. I could do with 3-4 metres. The issue is the surrounds for the HDMI plug itself. Although the above ones fit, other ones I've tried like this:

Amazon product
Have too much plastic around the (metal) HDMI plug to fit into the conduit.

The builder has already installed the conduit and plastered over, so I'm loathe to have him rip it out and redo it unless there's really no other option.

Any help gratefully received....



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I had the exact same issue with conduit running through my ceiling from AVR to PJ. Just ever so slightly too narrow for a HDMI plug on the 4k compatible cable I have needed to run through it.

Not wishing to rip the wall and ceiling apart in what was a new extention my solution has been to very carefully shave the plastic casing down on the plug, only so much as needed for it to fit through. I found there to be quite a bit of surplus
that can come off and sharp edges can be significantly rounded down.

The diy 'sculpted' plug I have as the one going into the AVR, so the nice unmolested one is seen on the ceiling into the PJ.

Warranty on the cable goes straight out of the window of course but on the 2 cables I've now done this on they still work perfectly.


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I'd prefer to avoid 'sculpture' if it's at all possible. That's my last resort really - anyone else have any recommended leads?



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