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HL2 ? - Makes Me Sick!


Standard Member
No honestly, it does.

Play other games on pc without any problems. After about 20mins of HL2 I get nauseous - sort of a travel sickness. I play it in short bursts cause its a great game, but it really takes the shine off it !!

Anyone else effected by it in this way??


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Noob alert! :laugh:

Maybe you are focusing too hard on the screen. Try mving back a bit. and hold the mouse steady.
You can also lower the mouse sensativity to avoid unecesary shaking.


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Done all of that - the set-up is exactly the same as other stuff I play - and I don't shake too much !! - after all it is only a game.......isn't it ?

Agree the mouse sensitivity may still be a problem - although I have it at its least sensitive and I've reconfigured it to make the movement commands happen at the 'Walk' speed rather than the standard 'Move' function I still find it responds faster than other games and that may be the difference.

Anyone know of anything else I can do to make it less sensitive ??


Used to feel the same way playing Halo on my 32in tv , pleased to report no problems so far with halo2 on my plasma
Good luck


I have exactly the same thing with Doom3, can only play for 30mins at a time, just too intense.


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Damn that sucks! Must say I never noticed that and I was playing it hours at a time.

Still keep going man, even in short bursts it's a great game!

Seth Gecko

retired member
I know a few people who are like that - motion sickness with 3d games.

I wouldn't recommend you getting hold of Descent (1-3) any time soon ;)


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Its not that simple. The graphics engine in 3d games can be set differently for persective, and field of vision. Its the field of Vision that can make some people react to a game. A sophisticated 3d engine can give you a wider field of vison than you would normally expect in real life. Its the same as a camera using a wide angle lens - central vision moves slower than the extremeties. It only has to be slight, your eyes wont see it but your brain does. PUKE


Distinguished Member
Camera in HL2 is not wider than human vision even at 16x9 aspect ratios. It also doesn't look like there is any lens distorion ( things at the edges travel the same speed as the centre). Its motion sickness most likely and you can get used to it , everyone gets it in the right situation but you can desensitise yourself to it ...just keep playing.

The only cameras that get close to the full field of view of the average human are some of the imax ones and even then its only close not greater and introduces massive distorion which your eye thankfully does not have.

Human field of view is approaching 180 degrees (some even reckon its a little bit more ie you see behind your eyeline a little)


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Sadmuppet said:
I know a few people who are like that - motion sickness with 3d games.

I wouldn't recommend you getting hold of Descent (1-3) any time soon ;)

Man I wasted some hours on Descent.:thumbsup:


I had a problem with Halo for the PC, it seemed as though the game 'lagged' slightly when it came to movement, even though the framerate itself seemed to be perfectly OK, and this made me feel quite odd.

I've played both HL2 and Doom3 and did not notice any problems unless I was tired, I would not recommend playing Doom3 particularly if tired, I did feel quite ill if I tried to. However that's not to say that it cannot be there because we all are sensetive to different things. All I would suggest is to ensure there are no distractions within your field of vision and also I found that low ambient lighting helps enormously.


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It's simple motion sickness really;

Your eyes tell your brain that you're moving (from the very realistic HL2 graphics) but your body is telling your brain that you are sat still.

Same things happen to people in cars - your eyes see the world flash by, and tell your brain this, but your body is sat still - and that conflict is what causes the sickness.


Standard Member
Thanks for all your comments. Interesting how for whatever reasons, people can be affected by one game and not another. I had considered the peripheral vision aspect and now play the game in a seperate window that I have shrunk slightly, but not sure that it has helped a great deal.
I think I'll be at this in short bursts for a long time before I get through it !!.


I get that most with FP games if I have not been playing them for a while, what ever the game you will get accustom to it, I really hate the ones with the head bobbing or weapon motion when moving forward and the makes do not have the function to turn it off.
The worst is watching other people playing a game these games.


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I read an article about this in a magazine recently - I think it was last months PC Zone, anyway it is apparently very common with HL2... Strangely I have no problems with HL2 but after about ten mins of HALO on the XBOX I feel really ill! :(


Distinguished Member
Try playing it on a Projector with a 6 ft screen :D . That can seriously fool the old brain!


Lex said:
I read an article about this in a magazine recently - I think it was last months PC Zone, anyway it is apparently very common with HL2... Strangely I have no problems with HL2 but after about ten mins of HALO on the XBOX I feel really ill! :(

Funny It usually hits me within 30 seconds but gets worse and I get dizzy spells and have to lay down. But I find the more I play these sorts of games(even the same one that made me sick) the more I can cope with them the next time I come to play them.

Take notice if you feel sick when you are on the level or moving up and down over terrain or doing a lot of climbing up and down over objects.

If there is a control key to turn of the head bobbing or weapon swaying use it as it makes the picture more static. A bit like being on a boat it is not the forwards motion that makes you sick but the bobbing up and down.

Indiana Jones

Distinguished Member
When I am in a car, if I do anything apart from look straight ahead I start to fell quite sick but I can play FPS for hours on end without any problem at all.
If it is that easy for me to feel car sick, you would have thought any FPS would set me off :confused:


Distinguished Member
Wierd! I thought it was just me, but obviously HL2 makes quite a few people feel nauseus! :confused: I must admit, again, after playing it the 2nd time it did get better.
if you put in the 20 to 30 hrs aweek like I do, you'll be fine ;)

i find I have problems when I am forced to use certain control mechanisms.

I NEVER user turn keys by choice only when I am forced to - only use forwards / backwards and strafe - with mouse look to steer ... I find it give a far more smooth, far more natural feel.

When I change from one game to another, I tend to spend quite awhile tweaking sensitivities. I have been a hard core CS'r for quite some time. When I switched between 1.5 / 1.6 ... CZ and Source, I always speed a couple of days re tweaking , usually due to me having updated the mouse drivers or turned something on/off.
Either way, one or two clicks on the sensitivty either way can mean the difference between feeling connected or detached from whats going on in the screen.
I find the more closely you get the turn / mouse speed to what is natural for you to be able to balance your ability to move around along with also being able to getting your cursor accurately and quickly over the target.

I think finding that balance is often the key:
a) its the optimum point for you to be effective
b) it 'feels' the most fluid and offers the least stress to your hand / eye co-ordination.
I see players with really high sense settings ( mouse sensitivity ) and some seem to be able to play that way .... but alot are sacrificing the ability to precisely focus against the abilty to get somewhere quick..... me, I can't tell whats going on at that speed.
Probably why I play CS on Friendly fire servers - kids that jump around and shoot everything that blurs past them need to stick to quake or get auto banned for team killing on our servers :)

I've never had motion sickenss from playing by preparing the interface the instant I am not happy with it....... but I might be just not prone to motion sickness either.


What about the OLD Dooms, or Wolfenstein 3D? Man that game made my eyes soar, 10 mins was enough at a time.


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Ethics Gradient

I've been trying to get that mouse sensitivity you talked about where you feel comfortable, but for some reason in HL2 I cant get it to slow down enough. Other games have been fine, but something about this one needs me to move slower than the controls will allow me to adjust to.


After palying hl2 I would feel quite depressed for the rest of the day and fell nauseus quite strange


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Try lowering detail and resolution settings, if you're getting bad FPS and judder that'll make you wanna hurl.

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