HK3490 Stereo receiver - Any Thoughts/Users?


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Hello Everyone,

On Black Friday I purchased the Harman Kardon 3490 Stereo receiver from JR audio for $249.99. Pretty sweet deal. Sounds really nice too. A little on the bright side at times, but that could be the speaker pairing as well. On that note I'm currently pairing the receiver with the B&W 685's. Although I do really enjoy the little 685's, I'm almost certain I'll be upgrading them to the floor-standing 684's.

My questions is quite simple: Anyone using the HK3490 out there? If so, what are your impressions?

I'm wondering if I can really get away with the HK3490 for a system primarily used for 2-channel music. I've auditioned some Rotel, NAD, and Cambridge Audio. All were very respectable, but didn't exactly convince me that they were vastly superior to the HK3490. Some people might say, go with other speakers, but my local dealer will not refund, only I'm kinda stuck within the B&W family, which truthfully I see as a happy problem. Basically, I'm wondering if I really need to upgrade the amp.


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I will move this to the HifI section as its more appropriate there.

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