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Hello everyone!
I've been trying to find the problem on the forum, but could not really find anything related to my problem.

I have this HK3480 8ohm tied to 2 Jamo speakers E660 6 ohm. I never listened to high volume so I recon 6 ohm should be ok for the amp.
The problem is that the balance or crosstalk between channel is very bad. Balance knob is not really doin anything. Just lowers the volume a bit while gets to one of the ends. Changing the balance from computer also does almost nothing. Very slight change in volume but no balance change whatsoever. Here it becomes interesting. I connected the laptop with a 3.5mm jack one one end and 2 RCAs on the other side(the CD input of the amp). If i remove one of the RCA's from the just lowers the volume, but i can still hear the sound from both speakers. I tried different cable and tried to use the jack from an old Samsung s10 phone with the same result. Any ideas? I have to mention that my cables that connect the amp to the speakers are horrible. I had it around the house....I think is 24-26 gauge. It's literally 10-15 thin strains of copper...spider web thickness. But I doubt that this is the culprit. Any ideeas...can't really find anything on the internet regarding this issue. The speakers are connected correctly.


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A very simple possible explanation: does the amp have a "Mono" button? It's not so common today but was common on early stereo amps. It combines both input channels and sends the same signal to both speakers. Maybe it is on or broken and behaving as if on even though it is in the off position.

Another theory is a short somewhere. Are there any stray strands from one speaker wire touching the other channel?

A fault inside the amp is possible but not easy to fix without a good knowledge of electronics.


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Thank you for the reply. There is no mono button on the amp. I checked the wires very thoroughly. There are no rebel strands. I think i will just take the amp to repair. Maybe they will find the problem.

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