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Hi. I am looking for a receiver to use with Infinity Oreus and for what i´ve seen so far this ones seem to be the best options.
My main interests would be music ( DVD-audio and stereo) and films in equal parts and my room is medium.
My budget is around 300-350£ ( 500€ or $).
I´ve found some interesting choices online and as i´m unable to listen (no demo rooms) to this equipments, i would very much apreciate your help in choosing what to buy and why.

Also there is a number of technical factors that i cant say if they are important because i´m new to this world of HT. So i don´t really know what i need to go with my speakers so i can take full advantage of them.

Choices are:

Harman Kardon AVR-230

Pioneer VSX-D912

Denon AVR-1804

Yamaha RX-V 650

What do you think i should go for and why?

Any other sugestions?

Is it worth spending more (ex: Pioneer VSX-AX 3 or Harman Kardon AVR-330 for 650€) considering the speakers?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH (and sorry for all this questions but i really want the best for my hard earned money)
what you looking at are budget models I would go up a step and a buy a pioneer ax3 it is a cut down version of the ax5 just without the i-link and a couple of other features but the electronics used are basicly the same, so this is a bargain amp to go for just read the reviews for yourself. If i was to choose out of the ones listed it would be the yamaha because off 7x95 rating and all the latest decoding features (DPIIx and DTS 96/24) and the fact that yamaha make amazing amps for there price.


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Which euro country do you live in?

Have a look at my thread here -

It has all German price engines as well as other etailers, to find the best price for the amps on the list. There are also loads of links to reviews.

From the current list, I think there will be quite some suggestions from members here to go for HK230, as HK and Infinity belongs to the same parent company, thus, they are probably testing each other's products all the time and makes sure they go well together both Stereo and Multi-channel. Also HK has audio delay feat, Logic7 which is their answer to DPLII sound and 3 level independent adjustable filter crossovers, 2 extreme useful features. It is a top amp!

But don't discount Yam650, as it has truly loads of good features and power, looking at the specs (7.1 amp, audio delay, DPLIIx, YPOA basic, full 7.1 preouts, learning remote), and they always has good sound, however, this one is so new that no one has been able to test it, but judging on the x40 series and x400 series, it is looking very good indeed and should match Oreus quite well.

Moving up to €650 level is something, again, other members can better judge, whether it is worth it, but Oreus can definitely handle the extra power.

How big is your room? If it is big, getting a 7.1 amp will probably be a very sound investment, as the sound difference will be a big jump, according to vast 7.1 owners. Also, it is possible to buy additional 2 speakers for the Oreus.

HK330 like the 230, but has a bit more power and 7.1 amp.

HK430, again, a bit more power, a RS-232C port for upgrades see below. r_gissing ordered it for €844 excl delivery at www.technikdirekt.de - out of your budget.

HK information, they will release a software/firmware upgrade which include's DPLIIx and dropout issue fix, when not sure.

Yamaha RX-V1400 (absolutely superb and full spec'd), but it is a bit above your €650 budget at around €700 if you live in Germany, €780 at best if you live in Euroland, and thirdly there are a shortage of them.

Marantz SR-7400 (superb sound in both modes and DPLIIx), but outside UK, Marantz costs much more (rec price is €1000, don't know what best euro price is) than what we in UK are used to, hence, the value for money factor is not as good.

Denon AVR-2805 is coming out in July, and the spec is very similar to 3805. Rec price is also €1000, but hopefully, the German retailers will be able to discount it quickly and a lot. Above your budget signifiantly but I still wanted to know what's coming ;p

Also just to let you know Pioneer is releasing the x14 series (814, 914 and 1014 - a 7.1 amp) during the summer, which offers mostly cosmetic changes and DPLIIx mode.



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Thanks for your replys. Been away for a few days.
I´ve found the pioneer AX3 for 600€ (400£) and my main doubt is: is it worth the extra( i know it´s a better amp than HK 230) or HK230 is better for me because my main interest is music and because of the speakers?

Thanks again

P.S.- My living room is about 5 x 6 m (medium?)




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Subject to what has been said about the cost of Marantz gear outside the UK above, I'd suggest you go for the Marantz 5400 (on sale here for under £300 online).

I settled on this amp after an extended period of listening, both in music and movie modes, to many amps and some home trials.

Yamaha 640 - limited set up, especially with small speakers (due to fixed frequency cut off). Brash stereo, but excellent surround
Denon 1804 - great surround, but sounded undernourished when things get tough in soundtracks and in two channel stereo.
Pioneer 812 - quite bright, very noticeble with music

Lots of set up options, includes Circle Surround II (6.1) as well as DPLII and Neo 6. IMHO CSII music mode is superior for 2 channel music sources to the other decoders. Lots of power and adjustable cross-over frequencies. Very high quality ampification and excellent build quality. Very happy with it indeed.


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Hi Ian
Avland sell the marantz 5400 and 5400se in silver £349 and £449.
Very good company and will somtimes price match if other company have stock.
Cheers Gonzo.:)


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Richer Sounds are selling 5400 at bargain £249.99 (in silver), according to latest ad in magazines.


As posted by the others, the Marantz SR5400 is a great choice in that price range. It is what we are getting.

The NAD T743 is just within your price range and is another receiver worth checking out. NAD receivers have developed a reputation for great sound quality with music. Marantz has probably the next best reputation with music.


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The SR7400 is a fantastic piece of kit, and sounds a few classes better than the SR5400, but, saying that, the SR5400 for £249 is a bargain!!!!!!


Depending on your TV, either the Yamaha 650 and 750 would be a great choose for any theater addition. The 750 is a receiver for $599.99 that will not be outdated the day you buy an HDTV. Toss out the Denon 1804 it become a dinosaur over night. Sound quality is just an opinion on the buyer, but how the receiver is calibrated has a lot to do with the sound. Both the 650 and 750 come with YPAO to auto calibrate your system, while the 750 gives you the capability to do video up-conversion to component, phono input and adds a better remote.

Ian Carter

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Originally posted by alfalfa
As posted by the others, the Marantz SR5400 is a great choice in that price range. It is what we are getting.

The NAD T743 is just within your price range and is another receiver worth checking out. NAD receivers have developed a reputation for great sound quality with music. Marantz has probably the next best reputation with music.
I was recommended the Nad t743 - so you think its good? Only 5 channels, but 5 good ones? My dealer recommeded that above the 1804 Yammy 640 etc and said that they'd stopped dealing in Marantz as they'd gone off the boil in terms of quality.

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