HK TC30 Remote gets my vote...



Lent to me to trial by Andrew at Sheffield Sevenoaks (thanks again mate!) I gather this HK-badged PC-programmed remote is a Harmony model under the skin. I needed something that would work all my kit (see AV room for pics) and have shortcuts for the various ways I use it.
Basic setup sorted the simple bits VERY quickly, and although involves a fair bit of play for the non-standard settings (like having projector AND screen, DVD and HDD recorder as sources) have got it pretty spouse-friendly.
£200; worth a look if you're in the market...


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looks like a 555 to me, but with the colour LCD from the 885 seems steep at £200 when the 555 is avaialable for £90 and the 885 which is higher spec for £130 Glad your pleased. Does it use a different website or the main harmony one? and do you get access to the freephone helpline number that harmony users do?

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