HK DVD30 upgrade from Panasonic S75?


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I need to return my S75 back to Comet this weekend and so I am looking for another DVD player. It seems to make sense to try and upgrade the S75 as I wish to find a multi region player which does PAL progressive scan.

People seem to write good things about the DVD30 ( my local dealer has a exdem for £300) but will it give a noticeably better picture and sound. If not what player would for around £400?



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I tried a DVD22, same as the DVD31 but without DVD-A, I thought that it gave a good picture, but no better than a £100 - £200 player (which is what these HK's sell for in Europe and the USA). :(

These all seem to get a good write up and all do PAL PS.

(approx prices)

Cambridge Azur 540D from RS £249,
Sony DVP-NS730 £130 & DVP-NS930 £240

I know that it is just above your limit but it's a bargain:

Arcam DVD88+ was £1000, now £499 from Creative Audio in Shrewsbury.
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