HK DVD22 opinions?


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I'm considering purchasing one of these players but hadn't really seen any reviews. I've a few q's which I hope someone can help me out with

-How is the players audio playback?
-How is the prog scan output?
-Is a multiregion firmware available?
-How does this compare with the DVD25? Is it the replacement or a completely new model. I was originially considering the DVD25.
-Is the only difference between the DVD22 and DVD31 the lack of DVD Audio?
-Does it really compare to other £300 DVD players? Or is it really a £150 player (the price in Germany etc.) which is sold for £300 here?

Finally any other players I ought to be considering in the price range £250 / £300 ish?


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I tried one, the picture was fine in both RGB and PS, but no better than a £150 player (in fact no better than my Pio DV444) which is what the DVD22 retails for in Europe and the USA.

It was supplied as multiregion and played R1, 2,3 and 4 without problem, it also played RCE and DVD-R. I believe that the internals are completely different than the DVD25 and can confirm that the only difference with the DVD31 is DVD-A.

In my opinion it is a good player that will do most things well, but is not worth £300. I remain to be convinced that unless you have a very large screen e.g. a projector, there will be little difference in image quality on a normal tv between most players below £800 - £1000.

Other possibilities: Pioneer DV565A, 464, 360, Sony DVP-NS730, Cambridge Audio 540D, Kiss DP450, Yamaha S540, panny DVD-S75, Marantz DV4300.

Or you could consider the Panasonic DMR-E55 DVD recorder which has PAL and NTSC PS and is £229 multiregion at RS (a bargain).


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For anyone interested this is the official line I received from HK....


The DVD22 replaces the 25 in every aspect it also contains all the
latest software for Progressive Scan. The case styling is the
significant change. Reviews are due to reach publication soon.
The DVD31 is the replacement for the DVD 30, allowing DVD A playback.

Best regards,

Trevor Cook

Technical Support

Harman Consumer UK

Think I'll wait for a review...
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