Hk Dvd 22


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New model HK DVD 22 selling new on Ebay in Germany for €205 / £137. Cheapest price I can find in the Uk is £299.

Has anyone had a look at one of these yet?

I can't wait to see what the Germans do with he price of the 31!!!!!! (£399 in the Uk at present)


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Just ordered the DVD22 from www.technikdirekt.de for €221 / £147. The DVD31 is €387 / £258.

The HK receivers are similarly much cheaper than in the UK (I also bought an AVR 430 for €844 / £563) and delivery is only €20 on the whole order - and they take credit cards.


I tried a DVD22, couldn't see any improvement from my old Pioneer DV444. Don't get me wrong, the picture was good but it just wasn't any better. (does this mean that the 444 was very good or the DVD22 just ok).

I agree with the price difference, it will be about $239 in the USA (£132), not worth it at £299 in my opinion.
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