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A while ago I ordered a HK DVD30 over the internet. When it turned up it was clearly an ex display model, with a couple of minor scratches. The shop manager was very apologetic but as this was the last one they had, could not replace it. He has given me two options however:

1. Keep the DVD 30 and get a £50 refund plus free cable of choice
2. Get the new DVD31 when it is available. As I paid £300, this would be a bit of a bargain (but so would the DVD30 at £250)

As far as I am concerned, the only probs with the DVD30 (apart from the scratches) are the slow disc reading time and slow display of jpegs. if I knew that the DVD31 was better in these respects than I would prob go for it. Unfortunately the 31 (and 22) are so new that they have not been reviewed yet. Anybody got any thoughts on what they would do. Better yet, anyone got a DVD22 they have tried with jpegs?



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If you took the money and the cable, that as you say would be a very nice price. :smashin: I have the 25 (well 2550 actually) and the disc reading time did suprise me as being noticably slow, but since it is still only seconds at the start of what is typically a 1.5 to 2 hour viewing session, it is not really a problem. The more relevant question is what is the PQ like? I'm certainly very pleased with mine. Can't comment on the Jpeg bit....sorry



Hi guys,

Not to make your heart ache or anything like that .... but I was quoted 200 quids for DVD 30 from the official distributor here in Singapore.

So I guess I would take the DVD 31 option if I'm in your shoes.

I've got a slightly different problem....I've got my mind set on the new HK 430. While it goes with DVD 22, it doesn't seem to be as good as the DVD 30. Should I be a sucker and pay for looks?

Or should I wait for the DVD 31?

But in the meantime, how do I play my dvds if I intend to wait?

*sigh* I guess that's life :)



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the DVD22 is the same inside as the DVD31 just without DVDAudio in Germany the DVD22 sells for 219 euro (£134) and the DVD31 for 387 euro (£258) check site out below

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