HK 506+507 or Denon 2803+2200



Not sure which to go for. Would probably prefer the Denon from magazine reviews but not sure whether its £500+£475 price tag is a less better option than the HK 506 +507 which is £1345 (with Infinity Oreus Speakers)

Have definitely now decided to go for the Infinitites as I dont want to wall mount my speakers meaning the Keff Eggs would look very ugly on their stands (unlike the Infinities).

I assume the AV recievers are about equal but the Denon is superior as a DVD which is expected considering it sosts nearly double.

Will I be disapointed with the HK dvd as it seems very very thin suggesting that it would be a less spectacular player component and build wise.

Any suggestions where I can pick the Denons and Infinities as a package thereby reducing costs.

Thanks to those who reply


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The HK stuff is super value for money..

These are the limited editions from HK,

The 507 IMO sounds is suprior to the denon. The 507 is similar to the HK 4550\5550 which have a slightly higher current output.

5550 is comparable to a denon 3803.

Have a look at some of the threads about 507's. I have one and think it sounds superb.

The only problem you may have is getting hold of one, theres a fixed number available and they're going fast....

don't know much about the 506, but have read in this forum that it's a great player.

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