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Hi, asking for a mate. They have moved into a new address and it has a Hive thermostat on the wall and also a box connected to the combi boiler. I assume this links remotely to the thermostat so you can control the heat using the thermostat on the wall and not touch the boiler.

They have downloaded the Hive app but its asking for a six digit code from the hub however there doesn't appear to be any other Hive boxes in the house. If the previous tenant took the hub does that mean my mate cannot use the Hive app to control their heating? Or do they just need to buy another hub and If so will that work if the Hive was setup on a different hub?

Any advice appreciated.


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a quick Google search returns
It is not possible to reinstall Hive Active Heating or Hive Multizone at your new home. If you move house you must leave all your Hive Active Heating equipment behind except your Hive Hub, which you should take with you to your new home.

Hive Active Heating consists of 3 Hive devices
a Hub connected to a router, the receiver connected to the Boiler and a Main Thermostat
If the seller used Hive bulbs etc then that might be the reason he has taken the Hub

I suggest your friend phones Hive and explains the situation he will probably have to buy a new Hub but he might get a discount


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Yep, I moved into a house with Hive. The owner left the hub which I already knew was useless to me and had already bought one for when we moved in. Set up in minutes.
Got mine from eBay for about £70.


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other than a like I can only assume the lack of courteous acknowledgement of our time taken to reply means your friend is in no hurry for a solution
good luck with getting any support from Hive

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@Lesmor of course our time here is free as we have nothing better to do than trouble shoot other people's technical problems.

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