Hive Heating Not Communicating With Boiler


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I recently installed a Hive Active Wireless Heating package, but am having trouble with the system communicating with my combi boiler and would really appreciate some help.
I'm not a certified electrician or plumber, but electrically competent, and think I'm 90% of the way there, but Hive won't give any kind of technical support, and didn't want to go to the extent yet of getting somebody out to install this.

I have the Hub connected to the internet and working, the Receiver saying it is connected to the Hub, and the Thermostat also connected with both of these and the remote app (apparently) working; however when trying to control it the system is having no affect on the actual control of the boiler.

Our boiler is a GlowWorm Betacom4 24C.
I am replacing a current Thermostat receiver (which is an EPH combipack 4) directly with the Hive receiver. I have attached images here of the wiring of the old EPH receiver, and also the wiring inside the boiler. I was hoping somebody could advise on what wiring configuration I would need for the new Hive receiver, which I think I have done fine as advised by their diagram, or if more likely I needed to change some wiring in the boiler itself?

The current wiring is:

Earth from the boiler, to nothing in the receiver.
Neutral from the boiler to Permanent Neutral in the receiver.
Live from the boiler to Permanent Live in the receiver.
Common (Black) in the Live terminal in the boiler to 'COM' in the receiver.
'RT' in the boiler (Grey) to 'On' in the receiver.

I kept the wiring the same, and used the Earth that is currently going to nothing in the receiver for the Earth Tether of the the Hive Receiver - this had the result above, which Hive advised me should all be working fine (as a stand alone system), but it still isn't interacting with my boiler.

I've attached images of the current receiver and boiler wiring, and advised Hive wiring diagram.
Any advice would be hugely appreciated!!


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