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Thinking about buying Hitman 2 and Hitman Contracts.

I was hoping you guys could give me the Hi's and Lo's about the games and whether I should get it for Xbox or PS2.


Buck Swope

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I loved Hitman 2. Top 5 on the PS2 IMO though so i'm very biased. Not played it in a while (don't own a copy) so I cant remmember everything, but i'll try to give a few lo's.

1. A friend of mine found it got too hard pretty early on. He gave up after about the 3rd mission. But...

2. ... on the flip side of the coin I found it a bit too easy, so go figure.

3. Movement wise you could argue it's not the most fluid game, . I found it's nowhere near as bad as when i first played Tomb Raider. It can take some getting used for newcomers but once you get used to it (like Tomb Raider) it's fine.

I'm sure there are many who would argue there are many other problems but as I said i'm biased. Love the freedom, eventually loved the controls (after configuration) and despite it being easy, I found it very replayable (wepons to unlock, diferent ways to kill a target e.c.t.)

Only played the PS2 version of Hitman 2 but i'm buying Contracts for the x-box for graphical and hard drive reasons.

Before you consider buying Hitman: Contracts though grab a copy of Hitman 2 on the cheap. Play.com have it for £9.99 (on the PS2) and Virgin Megastores Online have it for £11.99 (on X-Box). Best advice I could give is to snap one of these up. With any luck by the time your finnished with it Contracts may be due for a price drop:thumbsup:

I would have posted the links but i'm a newbie and haven't figured them out yet


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Thanks Buck.:thumbsup:


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If you played the first ever hitman game, the hitman contracts are basically the exact same missions, with a couple of new ones tagged on.
Roll on the next hitman game - i was slightly dissapointed even though the graphics were great.

Buck Swope

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The lazy gits. I've not played the original Hitman so I think i'll be ok but I hate how lazy the games industry can be sometimes.

Having said that, this is just what i'm after at the moment, more of the same (a Hitman 2 add on pack from what I gather [for people who missed the original anyway]). With so many disappointments so far this year in the world of "entertainment", this could (I hope) be just what the Dr ordered.


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I am a bit of an xbox newbie so forgive me digging up an old thread.
I don't know if I have a special version but I have hitman 2 contracts. In the first mission when you start on the top of the hill has anyone noticed the guard which walks out the side door adjacent to the trees, and takes a rather explicit leak and shake if you leave it long enough!!!! :eek:
I was unfortunately using my binoculars at the time and he is quite a big boy.

Caused a bit of embarrasment when the inlaws came at christmas :blush:

Do most game writers have a :devil: sense of humour, are there any other examples?

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