Hitachi's P50XR01 - Full HD and 250GB Hard Disk Drive with twin DVB-T tuners



just found this...

The 50inch 50XRO1 and 60 inch 60XRO1 Plasmas take flatscreen features to a new dimension with the inclusion of a 250GB HDD and twin digital tuners. This facilitates ultra-convenient live-pause, programme planning, recording and playback for a totally integrated wall-mountable viewing solution. The range also includes the 37XO1, a 37inch IPS alpha LCD that offers unrivalled HD viewing and the best LCD viewing angles possible.

The X-Series is the first family of products to be manufactured at Hitachi’s new European manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic, to Hitachi’s uncompromising quality standards.

which should please some people concerned about hitachi's links with vestel ;)


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I live in Slovakia at the moment and am looking at this set for my new flat. The other set in my price range (also available here) is the 508XD Kuro (can't stretch to the LX unfortunately). From my viewing distance of over 14', the resolution issue isn't that important to me but obviously the overall PQ will be and I love what I've seen of the Kuro, properly set up in a specialists store. Can't seem to find anyone on this forum who's got the Hitachi P50XR01 to say how they're finding it in action so to speak. My local store is getting this beast in December so I'll have a chance to decide then, it certainly looks good from the paperwork and the P50T01 which is currently on display.

X Series at a glance:
High Resolution 1920 x 1080
Built-in 250GB HDD *
Twin DVB-T tuners *
?Movie FRC? technology
* Available on the P60XR01 and P50XR01 models

I'd be very happy to hear from anyone who has this Hitachi (production started recently at their new plant in the Czech Republic apparently)

The AVS forum (US) was moaning about their version of this (P50X901) being only 1080i, with no panels being progressive. Here in Europe it appears they are using a 'revolutionary' ALiS 1080p panel.

'ALiS stands for Alternate Lighting of Surfaces. This technology alternates the illumination of odd and even numbered lines for a display with more than twice the detail of standard-definition displays. It also significantly increases brightness. What is more, the 1080 ALiS panel can directly display HD signals without scaling, so there less influence on picture quality through conversion':confused:

On the face of it, this Hitachi looks quite good to my novice eyes at least, and would love some feedback from some of you with more knowledge on the subject.


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