Hitachi Widescreen repair myself?



Hi All,

I acquired a Hitachi C32WD2TN2 TV for nothing via a recycle group. It has a fault that I'm hoping will be easily repaired - maybe even by myself.

The TV switched off whilst in use and the previous owners couldn't get it to come back on. I read a thread in this forum that suggests it could well be dry solder joints? When I plugged it in and tried changing channels The screen flashes a little with vertical white light in the middle, as though it's trying to display a picture..

The TV has been repaired once before and a label left by the repair shop suggests the fault was an EPROM. Does that lend any clues to the problem?

How easy is it to learn how to repair TV's yourself?

Is this TV good enough to be worth my paying for a repair shop to fix it? I'll also have to source and pay for a remote..

BTW, this is my first post to the forum so sorry for asking so many dumb questions.


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If a previous thread suggested that it's dry joints then it's quite likely to be just that. Intermittent faults are usually caused by dry joints and are probably the easiest fault to fix (just requires good soldering and a a good eye).
As for DIY TV repair in general, I wouldn't recommend it to an absolute beginner as TV's carry such high voltages. Normally if you have some electrical knowledge then possibly, as you're then more aware of the dangers involved. That's actually how I started out, even though I am an amateur with no formal qualifications, I have been able to sort out a number of faults on items in my own home and for friends etc.
I think without the Internet I probably wouldn't have attempted DIY repairs, as it's now easier to ask on forums and do research on model numbers etc.

PS: You're not THE Norman Jay? You should be at Carnival manning the Good Times sound system :D

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