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Jan 19, 2004
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Hi all ,

just got me new plasma a pd5000 from those nice ppl at richer sounds. Only trouble is there RS wall mount is not up to standards as the mounting assumes top and bottom and the hitachis is all up the top.

Is the argos one a genuine hitachi with mounts at the bottom ?

Many thanks


It is a genuine Hitachi, the backplate fits to the wall and then two bars bolt to the plasma and then they hook on at the top and two bolts go in at the bottom. You'd need to check compatibility with the 5000 as I'm not sure.


P.S If you order one from Argos, feel free to click the banner via my website here
cheers stef ,

will use your link :)

erm on the pd5000 there are two bolt holes on each side if u like so 4 in total they are above each other with only a few centimetres inbetween.

So all the bolting too will happen at the bottom edge. Also the fixings would have to include bolts and nuts as there is nothing to screw into ... does this sounds like it will work ????

Many thanks


I'm sure it would work, the bolts come in the box for the wall bracket and seeing as the bracket apparently fits all Hitachi plasma screens so far, I can't see that it would be any different for the 5000, I'll try and attach two pics, first one is the full bracket that fixes to the plasma, you can see the hook at the top..............


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that looks like the job to me

thanks loads for the photos !!! :clap:

Originally posted by Pheedbak
all the bolting too will happen at the bottom edge. Also the fixings would have to include bolts and nuts as there is nothing to screw into ... does this sounds like it will work ???

No, it doesn't sound like it will work. The Hitachi wall mount requires mounting holes in the rear of the plasma screen, that should have secure nuts in them. Bolts are thus screwed into these secure nuts to mount the bracket.

If there are not four holes on the rear of the screen ~ pairs of holes approximately a 1/3 in from either side, with one half way up and another near the bottom (exactly like Stefan's picture) the Hitachi mount won't work.

I know (from your other thread), the plasma is back in the box, but you know you want to take it back out for a photo really, don't you :) It would help a lot.

Got a PD5000 yesterday, but wanted a pedestal (moving house soon, will probably wall mount in new place.

RS offered the 'Chameleon' model, but I had a nightmare figuring it out, I too was trying to use the rather obvious bolt holes at the bottom. Eventually realised the significance of the 4 screws in the back and worked it out, however the stand was pants and not suitable for the screen - basically just not stong enough and induced a terrifying wobble.

Swapped for the 'Partington' model which is excellent in construction, but does not have holes for the PD5000 - it looks like the PM400 and possibly PD3000 have holes with the same horizontal spacing, but a different vertical separation. I just popped four more holes in the backing plate and mounted it according to the instructions and I think it looks the bizz.

From the picture above I am sure the PD3000 wall mount will fir the 5000.

As for the display I had grave concerns about picture qual last night, and had a major panic that I had bought a lemon. Ater screwing around with all the settings, I eventually found that the default setting with just a touch less red look superb with my Tosh SD510 (component cables, NTSC prog scan enabled).

I was very pleased with the RGB SCART picture from the Sky box. A few of the channels show horrible artifacts, but I think these are more Skys fault than the box.

I still have a few niggles about the black level, it dark images still seem a touch grey, but I found that using a small lamp to light the wall behind the screen works wonders, and I have never used any other plasma in my own living room, so I can't really say how well it stacks up against the competition.

Must go and watch the mandatory Toy Story 2 plasma workout, but will post a few pics if I can jump start my old camera.
am i correct in thinking you can screw the mount on to the 4 screws that are just to the right of the bolt holes. Some have little arrows pointing to them but the 4 that would line up to take the wallmount dont .. is that what u fix to ????

ok heres the back with the RS stand mount attatched .. so i was being a little overcautious ignoring the screws !!!


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Any screw with a small arrow normally indicate which screws hold the cover on for servicing etc, I'd be a little cautious over using these to hang it by, potentially you could end up with the screen on the floor and the rear cover firmly attached to the wall!!

yer i meant its 4 screws without the arrows .. they are all fine mounts and the plasmas on the wall thanks to some superhuman strength from the wife :)


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