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Chris HK

My shiny new Hitachi PD5000MA has some image retention after a month.
I'm trying to wipe it using the all white screen - fingers crossed. I know this has probably been done to death on this site but anyone have any ideas _ apart form refusing to watch channels with stupid logos.
Should I expect it to happen or shall I ask hitachi to take a look - could it be a faulty screen??
Chris, What channel were you watching to get screen burn from the logo?
I see image retention after say going into setup menus for ten minutes or so but this soon fades away after a few minutes of normal TV, we watch sky channels exclusively on my 500E and have yet to need the wipe facility of the screen.

Best regards David
I've got a 42PD3000 and watch all TV through SKY+ so it's logos all the way for me and I have to say I've never yet had a problem with screen burn or image retention from watching TV, even after watching Sky News for a couple of hours.

The only time I've seen any indication of image retention was after using my PC on it for around 3 hours and there was a VERY faint trace of the taskbar that kasted around 2 minutes and then disappeared.


Hi Chris, have you reduced the contrast settings ect? I've got the 400E and all the settings were at max when I first turned it on, and I was getting image retention as well. I can still see the black boarders after watching a DVD but if I then watch TV for about ten minuets it all goes away. Some nice person posted the Avia setting for the 400E a while back, and it made a big improvement IMO. Leave it on a channel with no logo for a few hours and with lowering your settings it will hopefully do the job, it did for me.

I am in Hong Kong and so rely on STAR TV (same as SKY 1 but without the good bits). The logo is quite bright and white.The screen wipe certainly appears to have worked - there is no logo showing on the white screen but there is the faintest on a completely black screen. I have turned down the brightness and contrast now and will keep at it with the wipe. I just want to be sure its not a fault with the screen - is that possible?? Would the inverse help?

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