Hitachi PJ-TX200 focus problems


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I have a Hitachi PJ-TX200 (correction, two!) that I just boght rather cheap to exchange my previous PJ-TX200 that suffered from a dying blue LCD panel.

This one only had 600h of use and has pretty good LCD panel convagence. BUT! This specific projector has a problem that my previous did not have. Using the same screen, input source and so forth this one shows signs of uneven focus.

My previus projector had slight problems getting even focus over the whole screen (a 90" framed Euroscreen) causing slight missfocus either on top or on bottom of the screen. This was no problem if you balanced the focus it caused no big annoyments. But this newer one has other problems:

When prefectly installed (exact centering and perfectly flat roof mount, only vertical lensshift utilized) it is impossible to get even focus. It's either perfectly focused on the right half or the left half of the 90" screen. And it's really a LOT out of focus (moving a white paper in front i have to move it about 50-60cm to get in focus on either side).

So questions are:

What causes the problems? I have a hard time seeing this beeing due to misaligned LCD panels since convagence is pretty good.

Is it due to missplacement of the prism? Or is it due to some problems with how the optical block is misplaced in the bottom of the lens package (it's attached to four screws)?

Can this problem be corrected by myself (I have rather good knowledge of mechanics and electronics). Or can it be corrected at all?

I know that trying to align the small 0.7" LCD panels is almost impossible, but how about aligning the optical block to the lens package?

Many questions. Hope someone can help me! :D


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I thoght that to. But this is a mechanical problem unfortunentally. The service menu is more to calibrate colours etc..

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