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    I am about to get the Hitachi PJ TX 100 and I could do with some experts' advice on screen type selection!
    My assumptions are:

    1. I watch a lot of TV and satellite signal, originally in 4:3
    2. the projector has a convenient 1.6x zoom lens plus lens shift
    3. the viewing distance will be about 3.5metres
    4. I shall be folding the screen every night or so – see my family 'waf'

    So, I plan to buy a 4:3, 100" screen, which is 2x1.5metres in dimensions. For 4:3 material, no issues whatsoever. When I want to watch a 16:9 film, then I only roll-out part of the screen, down to a height of 1.12m from top point, which is equivalent to a 90" 16:9 screen. If I also manage to get a screen with a black housing, then it is like having the black frame around the viewable screen area too!

    As for the height of the lower point of the screen from the floor, which I have read is best to be at 80-90cm, the difference in height between a 4:3 and 16:9 screen for a given width of 2metres is approx. 38cm, which makes only small difference to me when we talk about a viewing distance of 3.5 metres and I could live with (or I could get a patent to lower the whole housing a bit from the ceiling).
    With your experience, how does the whole plan sound? Are there any falls in my plan or could this work?
    Whoever feels like providing any advice, feel free and many thanks in advance!

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