Hitachi PJ 200 or Panasonic PT-AE900


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Hi everyone

I recently joined the forum and am finding it very helpful. There is a bewildering amount of info here and I am slowly making my way around.

Over the past 6 months I have been planning the conversion of the integral garage in my house where I live with my daughter and granddaughter and have just started with the rockwool/soundblock phase.
The size is 15 feet x 7.5 feet with unfortunately a wall hung gas boiler on the side wall so the screen wall is made even narrower. I decided it was too much hassle to move the boiler so I will box it in as a feature column, its only 12 inch deep so I can still get a 78 inch screen in which I ordered yesterday from the German firm recommended on this site. I was going the painted wall route but this seems a bargain too good to miss.

Apart from that I have a short list of Denon 1920 Denon AVR1906 and either a Hitachi PJ 200 or a Panasonic PT-AE900 (any comments or other suggestions) :thumbsup: and Wharfedale Diamond 9 speakers all at the budget end but one advantage of being older is I have largely lost the constant desire for perfection so am more willing to compromise than I used to also my budget is more limited these days being retired.

I would appreciate recommendations for speaker cable to suit this budget also video links etc.



I didn't have much money but got myself a Denon 1920 and Hitachi PJ-TX200

I love them it's great :)

I'd thoroughly recommend the Projector the DVD Player i'm sure there are loads of good ones out there but I got the Denon 1920 at the same time and i'm happy with it

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