hitachi pd7500 hdmi input not working


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I had a pop up from sky saying hdcp was not supported by my tv, having checked the hdmi cable and finding my blu ray does not show a picture it seems the HDMI input is no longer working.

I've tried several cables and also put the sky hd through another tv and it works ok so can assume it's a tv problem

I've been quoted £400 plus vat to fix the problem but obviously isn't worth it for a 6 year old tv

Is this a simple problem to fix and if so, is £400 excessive? I see comet offer a £125 fix on tvs but only the a value of £150 parts.

Can anyone offer any help?




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I have a similar problem... just a few weeks ago it started green screening on BBC HD (off freesat). Can you get video on BBC ONE HD ? Strangley I can.
Spoke to Hitachi and their very was "the tv hasnt kept up with the HDMI standard and there's no SW upgrade... tough". Their rep said that he's "seeing a lot of this" suggesting that the HDCP signal may have recently been switched on by broadcasters and now the 'fault' / lack of compatibility is being highlighted. There are replacement boards available but these I imagine will have the same firmware issues.
42Pd7500 Pcb HDMI LJP08123 Hitachi (JA05733-C)

not cheap !

But these do the same part for 'nowt' - out of stock
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Good luck
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