Hitachi PD7200 & ATI Radeon 7000


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I am the very proud new owner of a Hitachi 7200. I have to admit, I am very happy with my new purchase. Sky looks awesome through RGB scart and DVDs are looking even better through component.

I have a problem.

I have my old PC rigged up to my Hitachi DVI -DVI. Picture quality at 1024 x 768 is top notch as far as I am concerned. The only issue is that I would like to have my PC connected with a 16:9 aspect ratio so downloaded widescreen movies are not distorted to fit the screen. I'd also like to be able to upscale DVDs using my PC DVD drive which would also raise the issue of having a 16:9 resolution in order to avoid distortion.

In an idea world, I would be able to connect my PC using a ~720p resolution or indeed any other 16:9. Is this possible?

I have powerstrip installed but I am having difficulty finding the optimum settings.

Has anybody had any luck outputting a ~720p signal from a ATI Radeon 7000 graphics card? I know it is a very low spec card but why replace it unless I have to? :)

I find powerstrip a little daunting. I'm afraid you might have to walk me through this one quite slowly.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it



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Don't mess around with powerstrip all you need is the latest Catalyst driver for your card which is 6.5, as later versions do not support your card. Once into Catalyst go to advanced settings, your only limitations could be memory on your graphics card. Not all cards sync up to LCD TV's with 1:1 pixel matching, on mine I had to revert to 1360x768 @ 60Hz with a VGA connection, once I did I ended up with a perfect picture that filled the TV (Tosh 37WLT58).
In Catalyst and if your card allows you should be able to force 720p or 1080i.

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I would go with a HD resolution. I think the 7200's take 720 at 50hz but if not they do take 1080i at 50 or 60hz. This is not 1 to 1 mapping (something you will not get with the Hitachis due to their ALiS screens) but they are designed to be at their best at 720p or 1080i.


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Thanks to both of you for your help.

I havn't had much of a chance to play yet but I had no luck with HD from the ATI Catalyst control panel. I ticked the box to enable HD resolutions and when I choose 720p, the image displays but is considerably wider than the screen itself and looks a bit shakey.

According to the PD7200 manual, the highest resolution that is supported from a PC over DVI is 1024x768 but most people seem confident that 720p can be achieved.

I'll have another fiddle after work today. With my PC that is.


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