Hitachi PD5200 clicking when I adjust the picture to very bright

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by littlejon100, Aug 7, 2012.

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    OK after reading and messing around I figured out the TV makes the clicking noise when I turn up the Brightness,colour and sharpness to high settings, if I turn down these setting the clicking almost stops?.

    I have run out of resources using google nothing comes up relating to this problem.

    Maybe some one has some idea's. I'm all out.

    (Edit) I've just pulled it apart and had a good look at it, all Cap seem ok the click is coming from the centre board top left corner I assume this is the power unit it looks like it, the TV is working fine no problems starting,pictures fine.

    I've been googleing for hours but all I seem to get is people with the clicking problem and power problem (tv won't start etc) and makes clicking noises.prrr I'm stumped.

    Hello everyone my first post. I have been reading about the Hitachi 42PD5200 PSU problem's and there seems many of them. I don't have that problem yet but I do have a very annoying clicking sound, after reading some I figured this is a relay BUT why it's clicking I have no idea, could it be the PSU is about to blow?.

    I'm no expert but would like to have a go at fixing it, but not sure where to start?. I know you can buy the fix kit for the PSU problem but will this sort out the clicking noise or do I need to replace the relay only.

    The TV works fine.

    If there's any one willing to help or direct me in the right direction it will be most appreciated, can't seem to find much on this problem just the PSU problem maybe there related I'm not sure.

    Many thanks an advance.
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