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Hitachi PD426600 versus LG 42PX4R


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Not surprisingly as a newcomer to Plasma TV I have several problems, which is how I came to find this site.

Last year (aug) I bought a Hitachi PD424400PRO from Richer Sounds but didn't collect until weeks later. To their credit RS did store it for free. However when I went to collect it they had sold the set and didn't have another. They substituted a Hitachi PD426600 which looked like it might be a better spec set etc.

When I got it home and installed, however the problems began. Inference generated by the set and appalling picture were cured by subbing aerial cable for shielded satellite cable. A sound fault quickly developed with any other component connected in e.g. DVD R or VCR - sound mutes and wont come back on.

Also Sound doesn’t follow picture with output from the RCA point to Surround Sound system, when VCR or DVD comes on and no way round this. Sorry this is a long story but bottom line is RS have now offered (after 3 weeks of their repairers saying no fault, when fault was active and set on when collected by them) to swap this out for an LG 42PX4R - At first I thought this looked OK but now not sure I'm getting as good a set due to a) not being able to find a good spec sheet (even on LG site) and b) no being able to determine if resolution is comparable. Set is also my only display for my G5 Power Mac and it was intended to be a serious contender for the Windows Multi Media set-ups now gaining popularity. Can anyone advise if the set is genuinely of equal quality and where I can get a proper spec sheet for it?

Thanks for any help and sorry its such a long post


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If you look on the Forum you will find plenty of people unhappy with the 6600,the 7200 has better reports,as for the LG no idea,best bet is to review any Plasma in the flesh.


The LG has far higher owner satisfaction. This is a HD model, though I see Dutch LG are well on the ball and think the horizontal res is 1027??? How come they didn't notice that gaffe? It should make a pretty fair PC monitor, though be aware they don't take native res at 50Hz, so if you run a DVD in the mac, it will judder. This is actually surprisingly normal with plasma displays, only the Pioneer MXE does native res at 50Hz on digital, and only panasonic pioneer and fujitsu bother with any pal compatibility on VGA. Whatever though, it's a step up from the 6600.


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Cheers for the pointers. I'm more confident that I'm not being sold a pup now and will see what the screen looks like in the flesh. Re the frequency, I ought to be able to up the output of the Mac and using an application called SwitchResX which ought to allow matching resolution to the optimum for the LG? - Having said that, I don't have a clue what I'm talking about and have spent many a frustrated minute trying to get the computer output back in range and looking at a blank screen :confused:


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MAW said:
The LG has far higher owner satisfaction. This is a HD model, though I see Dutch LG are well on the ball and think the horizontal res is 1027??? How come they didn't notice that gaffe?
If you click on Specifications it says :Resolutie : 1024 x 768 WXGA.
But yes the webmaster should be punished:eek:

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