Hitachi 'Panel Extend'


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Anyone have any views on this?

It seems to up the contrast quite significantly ( albeit from the lower settings I use for run in - contrast minus 8, brightness minus 7)

Is it possible that the panel extend is set so as to reduce from the horrible default settings the 7200 is delivered with, and therefore if one has sensibly reduced the settings for run in, the panel extend is this stage

What do you think?


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I totally agree with you and have said so previously :smashin:
Anything that boosts the "avia'd" settings can't be right, IMO.
I never thought about it, but agree with you, it's a muppet setting to turn it down from default.
Although, I think "extend 2" does not boost the contrast as much???
Don't use it, at all, IMO.


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Yeah, extend 2 not as much..

..are we right in assuming therefore that it is a retard setting for those who watch from statrt in dynamic mode - i cant imagine any extra processing involved..

I am using the luminance manager tho' - does a nice job of almost imperceptibly dulling the corners where the dogs live...

Although wouldn't it be nice for sky to give us an option or indeed simulcast free of the dogs - one would think it coul;d be considered for the hd service, as it will be exclusivley aimed at those with hd sets (and mostly plasmas at that)
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