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Hey, A week ago I bought a Hitachi HTD K150 for use on my 4:3 Bush TV, I noticed on most of my films there were blocks appearing when there were darks colours (e.g. Black & grey etc)
So we took it back to the shop, they showed us another player (same model) on one of there Tosh WS TV's playing the DVD's that were blocky on mine, no blocks. They allowed us to take that on home. When I got home and plugged it in there were blocks, stuttering and blue shimmering (most notably in The Fast and The Furious). So I tested it on our 4:3 Tosh downstairs, problem remained, I then tested it on my mums 14" Tosh and still the problem. We have arranged that thye will come up here tuesday to try and sort it out but they had no idea what could be wrong. The only thing I can think of is that the TV that seemed to work properley (I say seemed incase maybe I just missed the blocks, I was viewing froma an awkward angle and it was very dark) was that it was a widecreen TV. I have tested it on RGB and Composite and still the same problem. Its the only thing I can think of, what do u think?

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