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Hitachi Movie Text VT-CCD1E remote or codes

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by Lum, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Lum

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    Aug 2, 2005
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    South Wales
    I've just dug out my old Hitachi Closed Caption decoder, branded "movie text" model VT-CCD1E and some Laser Discs that used it. Repaired the device ok, but the remote is long gone so I cannot select languages or remove the ugle black boxes around the text.

    Does anyone have either:

    - A spare remote to sell me
    - Codes for it (compatible with my one for all Mosaic URC-9990)

    or does anyone have one of these remotes and would be prepared to let me visit with the Mosaic and have it learn all the buttons in exchange for a beer token :)

    If anyone does have the remote, can they possibly send me a picture of it with the identifying numbers clearly visible as the one for all people have said this would help them. (Their support line is amazingly competent and helpful and I love the magnetic induction thing in the remote which lets them send me new codes over the phone)

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