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Hitachi L42VP01U


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i have just bought this 42" Full HD beast from Argos for £600 and all in all i am very happy with it....BUT, when faced with a dark scene, the picture looks all, how shall i say, 'fuzzy' in places, showing up all the artifacts, small squares as if it is having trouble trying to render the images.
I don't have any HD sources to try, it is just plugged into a Hitachi PVR but when it is viewed on its own 'Freeview' tuner, the picture looks the same.
I have read that when it is playing some full HD source, ie, Blu Ray or a HD dvd then it is outstanding for the money it cost but the normal SD picture rendering lets it down.
Would i be able to alter any settings i have to make the most of this Tv or is it being sent back to Argos and me having to dig a little deeper in my pocket for a big brand Tv.
Regards, Micky.


Hi, Interesting that you paid £600 for it. I paid £650 last week with Argos and the TV has just been delivered today. I will go and see if I can get a £50 refund then!
Currently the TV is in the box in the hall ready for me to unpack. So I am going to be looking out for your issue with it and will let you know what I see. Also, the TV was advertised by Argos as a price reduction from £799 on a window poster and other than the fact that it was a 42", there was no model number or information provided (the Argos system could not even find the catologue number),so I bought it on blind faith in the Hitachi brand. From reviews now, having taken the model numebr from the box, it seems to be good value for money, but let's see!


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Yes it is good value for money but all the reviews i have read now say the same thing, brilliant for HD, poor for SD so it is going back. Now i am trying to find something with a good SD review for the same price but my head is starting to explode!
I should have never sold my Hanspree 37" b4 i had set up and tested this Hitatchi, the pic was so much better. Perhaps its the lower pixal count which makes it better for SD? Anyone confirm or deny this?


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I got the same TV for £600 in argos. I used it to replace an ageing Hitatchi Plasma.

Huge Mistake.

As everybody says, HDTV looks AMAZING on it. I have an Xbox360 and PS3 hooked up with HD, they look great. But all SD is terrible.

I use a Virgin cable box and SD is unwatchable My wife is kicking me for selling the old plasma.

Solution? I cant imagine the drought of HD content will last forever, so im not going backwards. I ordered the V+ box from Virgin with HDMI output. Apparently its upscaling is great and will look a lot better for SD content.
Lesson learnt? TRY OUT A TV before you buy. Test it with the sort of source you are going to use. Its not a bargain if you are not happy.

In the end I think its great value for money if you have HD sources, but forget this TV for SD. If you only have SD dont waste your money on a fullHD tv.



i bought one of these sets in december and here we are in april and it just went pzzt' click

now all it has is a flashing red power light and a slight ticking sound from near the bottom right near the controls.

So monday morning i'll be on the phone to see whats going to happen as it wont fit in my car, i had a bigger one when i bought it

one thing that did bother me was that it behaved like it had auto brightness control, at specific points in films the tv would change brightness level

by connecting a pc i could create the effect to order just by having a dark colour desktop then opening internet explorer full screen on a blank white page, i emailed hitachi about it who said its not auto brightness its a fault, maybe they were right. . Does not explain why it would go darker on the advert breaks when they fade to black and also darker on full white images, with full brightness on average scenes, any guesses? Its not in the manual as a feature but seemed too stable to be a fault.

I'm guessing my set has a bad psu and i hope its not another tale of bad caps or i can see a few more posts like this. .

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