hitachi hdr 255 power cable needed


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Hi All,

I am desperate for help please.

My Mother has just returned home after three months due to a major flood which wiped out the whole ground floor at a cost of £46,000.

She had a Hitachi HDR 255. Freeview recorder.

When the salvage Company went in to remove all the contaminated items they threw away every electrical power cable as they had been under water.

The box was above the water so was recovered but we have spent many hours on the internet trying to find a sourse where we can replace the cable.

If any one could help us we would be eternally grateful.


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Sounds daft but have you tried Hitachi?

Usually these sort of units have a fairly standard two way "flat 8" type plug but some have an additional connection in a triange shape. The former are fairly easy to get.


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This rear view of the unit shows that it does not take a mains input... and that it is an AC-DC adaptor that has been discarded.

A look at page 7 of the manual shows it to be a type specified as 12V @ 2Amp.

Any such adaptor would do that meets that specification and has the appropriate size DC connector and correct polarity... but perhaps it would be better to get one of the original spec from Hitachi.

But if you can source one elsewhere the full spec is given as:

Jentec technology Co. Model number AG2412-C

Input 100 - 240 VAC @ 0.5A
Output 12V @ 2A DC

More info here.


You may find something suitable here.

If not here are contact points for Hitachi:

Hitachi Digital Media

(Service for Domestic Products)

Hitachi Europe Ltd
Lower Cookham Road
Tel: 0844 481 0297
Fax: 0115 910 6505
Email: [email protected]

Margo Baggins

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I actually work for Hitachi Europe, consumer care line.

Hitachi europe wont deal with requests like this, the products and all their warranty rights etc are dealt with exclusively by the retailer.

I would recommend looking at our recommended parts retailers,

Charles Hyde Ltd - 01759303068
CHS - replacement remote controls, instruction manuals, audio & video accessories, electronic components & spare parts


partsmaster - 0844 800 3456
Spares, Spare Parts & Accessories - Currys


Unfortunately this is another lost cause and wasted effort.

Peterborough 123 has never returned to the forum since asking his question a month and half ago.

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