Hitachi - HD 'DVD's (NOT Hi def tv)



Bought Hitachi 32" PD5200. Very happy with component image for DVD.

Dont watch much TV so the Sky Hi def issue is not a major issue (although a bit annoyed with not being compatible, prob wont affect me as I begrudge paying £20 for ntl at the moment!!)

Excuse my ignorance, but I would like to know if my TV will be able to diplay the either of the new 'DVD' formats ie Blu ray or HD?

I believe my tv can produce the 720 (?) resolution at 60hz (not the Sky TV pre-requisite of 50hz)

Will the new formats work fully on a DVI lead (with relevant adapters to HDMI if required)? (any one know the specs of the unreleased players yet?)

Many thanks


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it will work for 60hz discs but not 50hz discs, unless you convert 50hz to 60hz (introducing its own problems). uk releases are likely to be 50hz but i dont think its confirmed, so if you buy a player from the US and all your discs in "region 1" as it is currently described, you should be ok.


You likely won't even need a US player if region encoding remains similar. You just multi region the player and buy R1 discs. This is perfectly viable, and quality will be the same both sides of the pond, unlike NTSC/PAL where a difference is clearly visible. The only hassle really is not being able to spontaneously purchase.

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