Hitachi exhibits vertical bands on left hand edge


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I got a Hitachi C28WF540N the other day and am pleased with all aspects of the picture (for the four hundred quid I payed, at least), except for the existance of some vertical banding along the left hand edge. The bands exist just in the first inch of the width and are barely noticable, but are slightly irritating nonetheless.
Does anyone know if there's an obvious source of these bands, and if anything can be done about them (e.g. system menu, get Currys to send an engineer out). I'm reluctant to ask for a replacement since, in my experience, every TV you buy has one fault or another and I can certainly live with this.
I do have a shielded centre speaker resting atop the set, but removing it makes no difference.




Is it a 100Hz set? if so Check out the Philips Pixel Plus Vertical Bars poll at the top of the Forum.
Sony also had a similar problem apparently.


I have the same bands on my Thomson 50hz set, they are barely visible and I can live with them, but Im kind of curious about them as well... They doesnt move, just resides on the left part of my 32 ws for some reason :)

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