HITACHI DZBX35EUK Digital Camcorder

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    Just been to Currys and found a budget dvd camcorder that

    a) looks easy to use (had a go and it seemed ok)
    b) seemed good quality
    c) was a reasonable price when bought online with and extra 10% off and the help of this forum I think that is a pretty fair price

    I was also wondering if anyone had used one before and if they are any good. Also the small dvd's that they record onto can they just be played directly on a dvd player or do they need to be put on to a pc and burned to a normal dvd? The guy in Currys wasn't too sure.
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    The small DVDs, after finalising in the camcorder, can be played in a DVD player or computer. You can also copy the video from the DVD to the computer and edit it if you get editing software like Ulead VideoStudio10. Then you can burn a full size DVD.
    The main disadvantage with DVD camcorders is that you can only get 20 mins of video on a miniDVD at highest quality. I personally never shoot clips of longer than 5 mins, then edit those down even more, but for some this is a dealbreaker.
    The Hitachi does not have a very good reputation. In DVD cams, the current leaders are Sony and Panasonic, with Canon close behind. I wouldn't recommend any other makes. Also, try and go for the mid to upper models, the bottom end ones are very basic. If your budget does not allow this, you might be better off looking at miniDV cams as these offer better value for money.

    Regards, Mike

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