Hitachi DVD Recorder problem


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Hi, my Hitachi DVDS163A (Australian version) has served me well over the years, but is now recording and also stopping constantly, and whenever it feels like it, even when the remote is not facing the machine & with its batteries removed. It is like it is doing it all by itself, and I cant prevent it from occurring. Its annoying when wanting to playback or even record onto the hard drive or a disk whenever I wish. It will simply stop at any moment, then record by itself once again, then stop. As a result, I find the playback list full of 30 second recordings which I then have to delete. It seems the record function and stop function are permanently activating. I was wondering if anybody knew which PCB is causing me issues so I know which one to focus a repair, or clean on. From the service manual, it looks as though there are about 11 different PCB components which are removable and replaceable, however as I'm no expert, I don't know which one is causing me problems. Just wondering if there is anybody out there that may be able to help. My recorder has no other issues and I would simply like to fix the problem than just throw it away. I feel it wouldn't be a difficult fix for somebody that knows this type of machine. Many thanks in advance.

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