Hitachi CPX270 - new bulb doesn't seem bright and purple tinge problems


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Hi All,

Hoping someone might be able to advise...I've spent several hours reading through posts..and think I'm getting closer to some answers.

Firstly just bought a new bulb for the Hitachi (it's third) and was expecting it all to look nice and bright, nice whites etc like the last one..but it just seems very dull. Now normally I would just return the bulb, but at the same time we're noticing a significant purple haze down the right hand side (more so than ever before). A couple of questions..

Can the purple tint (and the occasional purple lines also at the top of the picture) be connected with the new bulb in any way?

If the purple parts are caused by heat damage would this also result in a generally dull picture from a brand new bulb?

Can inconsistenceys in the bulb cause colour problems or is this related to the panel?

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance




Has far as Im aware your machine uses the same optical system has the CPS 225 which has had a common fault with a plastic condensor lens melting within the optical unit and severly reducing light output (even with a new lamp unit).

I have an account with a business who supplied nearly 200 of these machines ( CPS 225`s) to pubs throughout the UK and I have repaired nearly 10% of these with melted lens.




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Hi Davrob,

Thanks for the reply. Indeed it does sound like that could be the problem, and we may not have noticed it happen on our last bulb as we just thought the lamp was on it's way out. Do you know the next steps to getting this fixed? Is this back to Hitachi and any ideas of costs involved? Any information you might have would of course be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Pete Clarke

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