Hitachi CML174 TFT - Only 262k Colors ?


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Are there any TFT experts that can confirm that a TFT display can only currently show 262k colors ?

The reason that I ask is that I have just bought a Hitachi 17" TFT for the PC, due to all the good reviews detailing its fast pixel refresh rates (12ms r 4msf ), and was suprised to find the specs state the max colors displayed as 262k, not 16.77 million as quoted by other manufactures like Samsung and AOC.

I suppose this means that 32 bit color is not available.

When I queried this I was told that current technology does not allow any tft to display more than 262k colors

Can anyone confirm this ?



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I have a CTX 18.1" Active Matrix TFT LCD (for my PC) and it runs at 16.7M colours, the information supplied to you regarding TFT's is misleading in my view. I hope this helps.


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I'm not sure this is as simple to answer just by reading the spec's from a few different TFT screens.

I have one of the new Hitachi's as well and I'm currently driving it with 32-bit colour setting quite happily.

Simple maths will show that a 1024x1280 display can never actually display 16M colours at the same time so what we are really debating is the gamut of colours.

The Hitachi spec may be making it clear that they display 262K colours from a gamut of 16.7 million which as far as I know is the same for all current generation TFT's. Others may choose to list the gamut rather than the simultainious display number.


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