hitachi c32wd2tn2



hitachi c32wd2tn2 crt - problem- my tv switches to standby mode then back on again without warning. i've tried re-soldering what i assume are the power components on the back of the board, which seemed to work for a week or two,but the fault has returned.
i have since found out; this is a common fault with hitachis, but have no further info. any help would be much appreciated, cheers! :lease:


Have You Checked For Dry Joints At The Front End Of The Pcb Near Where The Mains On And Off Switch Is Located. There Are Possibilities Of Dry Joints Around The Power And The Line Stages


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You may want to wait many hours before playing with the primary side of the Power supply (the bit connected to the mains).

The large smoothing capacitor in the A7 series (ie this set) remains charged for days sometimes - and it bites big time !

You should also replace the +B sampling resistors (68K and 8K2), and the +B Adj pot (VR951 (1K) as it goes microphonic).

Best leave it to a professional unless you are in the trade of course !
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