Hitachi C32PD3000 screen surround


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Perhaps a daft question;
the thin black band immediately surrounding the screen itself seems to be misaligned on my set; the lower horizontal band is some 2 - 3 cm wide, whilst the top horizontal band is less than 1 cm wide; (the left and right bands are equal)

It looks very non-symmetrical; has the screen literarily slipped up within the housing? (can't think how?) or are other people's screen similarly afflicted with this asymmetry?


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Funny you should mention this i've had mine for almost a year and only noticed this last night:blush:



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Had mine for 11 months and only noticed it now after reading this post. Obviously never had a detrimental effect on my viewing pleasures.:)


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I'd had mine a week before I noticed. Looking at it again, I can't see how it could be slippage of any sort; I guess it's their design. Which is good for me, meaning my set is normal, but not so good oevrall, as it's looks very off centre once you know what to look for.
(Sorry guys!)


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