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Discussion in 'Music Streamers' started by Tyne, Dec 26, 2006.

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    Please help if you can! Thought I would make this a new thread in the hope that it gets noticed.

    I have just bought a Hitachi AX M-137 - initially I got it going OK although it did not retain the programmed channels after I had set them... something I thought just needed further concentration and I would try again.

    However, it now won't play DAB (or FM) for longer than about 30 secs without the display going blank and a 'thump thump' sound coming thru the speakers. It won't let me scan for stations either before this happens.

    Can anyone give any advice on what I can do or look for, to rectify this problem please? I only picked the set up this afternoon and brought it home to install it ... one thing... I did put the unit inbetween the fridge freezer and the central heating boiler - could this have damaged something due to the magnetic fields or something? Or if it had, surely it would not work at all, rather than start up and then go off?

    The CD works perfectly by the way!

    Hope someone can help to save a long trip back to Curry's in the morning.


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