Hitachi apect switching gone


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I have the Hitachi 32PD3000. I seem to have got restricted apect ratio options on the tv. All of a sudden I can only get Auto or widescreen settings. All other zooms and 4:3 settings seem unobtainable.
Is there a fault with the tv or is there a more simple explanation?


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My options seem to come and go; sometimes I have C4:3L, sometimes not; and I've got no aspect switching on the HS2 dvd recorder nor the Sony DVD player inputs either...
The drongo at Hitachi had no idea how to help; would be interested to hear of any other thoughts


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Spoke to Hitachi today and they put me in contact with a local company who are going to take it for investigation.
They are collecting it tomorrow and say they may need it for up to two weeks!:eek:
That meens I'm gonna be stuck with my portable in the mean time.:(
I'm hoping they say they need to replace it so I can ask for an upgrade to the 42" model.:D

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