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Thumbs up finnshed run-in on 7200 !!
Hello !, i`ve now done just over the 200hrs run in period on the new set (7200), just a few questions...

1: i know that the tv is hdmi 1.3 and i know of the specs of hdmi 1.3 , but theres a few things it dosent say,... is the 60- 120fps + up to 48bit colour only on the 1080i/p modes or can the 1.3 advantges be seen by output on any of the other HD resolutions?? , it would make sense to me to have it avliable on all but the 480p modes?

2: as you all know!, theres just the 1 dvi and 1 hdmi, i aim to get a ps3 at some point, also got reasonably powerfulll pc at the mo..., so didnt know wether to use dvi from pc hdmi from ps3 or vice versa, my indecision is due to not know the exact bandwith differences between the two cables,.....
FORGET the audio i already using an home theater amp. so wot i need to know is wot is the max usage of video bandwith on 1080i/p HDMI 1.3 standards, is a hdmi to dvi going to be god enuf 4 this,

sorry 4 the lomg post but the specs on only give overall cable banwiths etc, it could hav been broken down in2 theoreticle video - audio - then combined bandwiths


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