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Hitachi 7200 or Panny PX60


Standard Member

got a mate after a 42" plasma, been round the various shops here in north wales(not much!!) and he's narrowed it down to the hitachi 7200 and the Panny PX60. Both are roughly the same price online(£1300), he doesnt have or intend to get sky hd for a while, but he has normal sky, dvd player, video, divx player - he's also looking to get a xbox 360

whats recommended out of those 2? or should he be looking at something else??

Dan L

Established Member
In balance they are both great screens for the money.

7200 has amazing connectivity, brilliant internal sound, good aesthetics, remote control stand...however (IMO) the picture does not stack up to the PX60. Not to say that it's not good! HD performance is wonderful, but it just can't really touch the PX60.

I don't think he'd be disappointed with either, but if someone gave me the option to swap my 7200 for a PX tomorrow I'd bite their hand off.


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he seems pretty set on the 7200(I think the motorised base has got him amazed!!!)

but, I would personally go with the px60 myself, seeing as I have the PE50 and know its great!!

anyone else got any recommendations??


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I agree with Dan L, I have the 7200 which I am generally happy with apart from a pic problem which the service people are dragging their feet on. If I have no joy getting it resolved and end up fighting for a refund, I would go for the PX60 as a replacement.

Buying based on a swivelling stand would be silly, unless he continually moves his viewing position by 90 degrees.


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Hi, I've just got the 42" px60. Having compared them with a freinds 7200 in my living room I'd go with the px60 still. Looked nicer than all the other screens in my local curries and even better online for £1375 & next day delivery.


Distinguished Member
I have the 7200 and am happy with it. However, if you can live with the styling, the newer and better specced PX60 would be the common sense buy!

Magic Pants

CFC1 said:
I have the 7200 and am happy with it. However, if you can live with the styling, the newer and better specced PX60 would be the common sense buy!

Plus Hitachi's customer service is on par with that of the average train company! I'm still waiting on 2 outstanding issues with them. I'm really happy with my 7500 but from a CS point of view Hitachi suck big time!


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right, so it seems the px60 is the better one out of the 2

any recommendations where to get it from? I bought mine from soundandvisiononline, had no probs with them. Anywhere else I should be looking??

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